Monday, March 21, 2011

March 14, 2011

HELLO EVERYONE!!! I hope everyone is doing well and enjoyed their week.
Right now here its raining/ snowing its really wierd ha ha. But the last 2
days were nice and sunny the trees are almost about too look alive. I
DISLIKE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS!!! Alright here is my week :)

Well Tuesdays are so cool!! we started our walk and talk Tuesday for our
mission this is when you drive as little as possible and walk
everywhere, and it was so much fun, we went to LOGAN. We had 36 OYMs if i
didnt tell ya last time but those are where you open mouth to anyone on the
street or to a door you never knocked on we did so good despit of my
companion being sick all that day we also loaned out 5 book of mormons, Ha
we ran into a drunk guy outside a bollwing alley when I saw him I said Elder
lets go talk to this guy, he just got done throwing up he agrreed to let us
come back and he wanted to learn more.... hopefully he will remember us ha
ha and wont be that drunk. That was such a great day!! Wensday we did ALOT
of tracting and checking up on our book of mormon loans, one of the guys we
loaned a book of mormon to agreed to come check out the church even though
he is athiest?? Which is cool. but he said its going to be a surprise? We
invited him to watch general conference with us he might!! so that was cool
too. Then Thursday we did our weekly planning and set some really high goals
for this week I cant wait to see how this week turns out. We had dinner with
the Thomass and the bigleys they feed us so good we played this awesome game
where you each person takes a turn to name a chuch word going through the
alphabet its hard to explain but it was so fun. then Friday we went back to
Logan and we decided as a companionship to add another walk and talk day in
our week , we went and checked up on a book of mormon loan and the guy was
having a party for someone he invited us in we said SURE!! dont worry it was
just a birthday party "NO ALCHOL" he offered us a soda my companion said no
. . but of course I said sure and had cake and I talked to 2 people and they
are so interested in the church and wanna know so much more. :) we got 17
oyms that day and 1 loan so ot wnt pretty well . Now Saturday was our
biggest day ! We got another investigator through an investigator which is
so awesome and she wants to come to church. :) Then we tracted BIG UGLY and
found 4 more people who are interested which is so cool. THen yesterday
church was so good. I hope all the cousins serve a mission because other
teenagers need your help for them to serve Im accutally helping a kid right
now serve a mission he sid he wants me to tell him more next time I see him
and he MIGHT GO!! SO GET OUT AND SERVE. even to all the young men and to all
the family. People need the gospel so bad in their lives its our job as
missionaries to bring them back so they can be with father again. " A
we taught two famlies today and they want us to come back as well. WE can
really see great success as a missionary. GOD is just putting pepole in
front of us . I know this will grow again. I have faith. Im so happy I get
to share my testimony to everyone I see. There is no better feeling than
being on a mission. We loanded 10 book of mormons this week which is so good
and had 98 OYMs. We are recieving blessings as missionaries and I know that
my family is too.

As I think about a mission, I remeber watching a video by Jeffery R.
Holland called "The Miracle of a Mission" Before I left to the mission
field. . What he said in this talk helped me so much. . I know a mission is
supposed to hard its not supposed to be easy because what Christ went
through for me was not easy. So I need to give 2 of the hardest years of my
life to him. The Atoment is the greatest message we can share as
missionaries today. He taught alot about obedience and how its been around
such a long time and WE CANT RESIST IT!! Obedience is the first law in
everything, and is the first law in missionary work. He said this awesome
quote "Missions make us strong, to make them strong depends on how strong we
make it". I can not stress how awesome it is to wear this name tag everday
:)!!! Its the coolest feeling ever!

MOM I LOVE YOU !!!!! your the greatest example in my life. IM so lucky to
be your son and to be the first in our family. Keep doing good in your
calling. The lord can give us blessings through the way you fufill your
calling. your the best mom in the world. Its crazy how time just flies by
isnt it. Keep being the best mom and know I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! Just know
that your son a quater of the way aroung the world loves you to the STARS

DAD I LOVE YOU!!!! thank you for the letter. I can not say enough how
greatful I am and how hard you work to support our family. You exercise your
priesthood so well and I know that those boys in the deacons quorum look up
to just as I do. I am so happy to call you my dad. WRITE ME

BUBBA!!!! I hope you being obedient and minding mom and dad. remeber that
cade looks up to you and our sisters. Mind mom and dad love them. BUT most
of all know I love you!!!! I am so thankful to be your older brother and you
better serve a mission. Coda I hope while your at school invite onem of your
friends whose not a member to church this week start doing missionary work
now. I LOVE YOU CODA !!!! start preparing and listen to your leaders
especially the prophet in a couple of weeks. WRITE ME

NANNA BANNA!!!! I LUV YA TONSSS!!!!! How did I get so lucky for you to be my
sister?? your such a good girl. I miss watchin movies wit ya . And I never
thought I would say this but I miss cleaning our house with you. I love you
so much nanna keep writing me and make sure the whole family does. Dont beat
up your brothers too bad. :) have fun. WRITE ME

CADERS !!!!!!! HOW IS X-BOX coming along. !!! Im so greatful to be your
older brother I HOPE YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU!!!! remember to say your prayers
every night by your self . will you do that for me :) remind the whole
family to say tham and remember our heavenly father loves you so much!!! I
LOVE YOU!!! your a good brotha cade, WRITE ME

SHADERS!!!!! you being ba??? i hope not, I cant believe your spitting ha ha.
I miss you so much and your smile. I bet tour getting so big. I LOVE YOU

Well I hope everyone is doing good. I love ya all. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL
believe your driving!!! thats crazy I LOVE YOU!!!! well its great to hear
from everyone !! keep sending the letters and the emails. I miss you. Thank
you for everything.

I know this church is true. I love my family and I know that they are being
blessed. I know Im being blessed as a missionary. Im greatful to be
representing the lord and being his mouth piece. I am greatful for the
trails I have gone through that have made me that much better of a
missionary. I am greatful to be serving with such a wonderful companion in
such a wonderful area. I know that this will build back up into zion and
people will find the truth through our message. I know that this work would
not be possible without Jesus Christ. This is his Gospel in these latter
days. I am sharing the best message ever!! I am greatful for the spirit
which keeps me motivated to do this work. I know " if I do hard things with
a willing heart I will grow. I am greatful to be setting a legacy with my
future family. I have the greatest calling in the world!! IM greatful to be
a missionary. I promised my self to work my hardest these next 2 years of my
life. I will find those people. and this work will continue to move forward.
I know that Joseph SMith was called of God to restore the true church on
earth today and to bring about the Book of Mormon to help strenghthen us
individually. This is my testimony. I know the savior lives and the Atoment
is the most powerful source in our Lives. I am greatful for Thomas S. Moson
and he is the living prophet today. I say these things in the name of Jesus
Christ. . Amen.


love ya all;

Elder Bentley

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