Monday, February 28, 2011

First email from West Virginia

Well mom I miss you so much! these past couple days have been hard because I
miss you so much. I regret all the times I have been a bad son. you are
seriously the best mom in the world how did I get so LUCKY to have you as my
mom !! not a day goes by where I dont think about you or the family. I pray
for you and the familyall the time but your the first one in my prayers all
the time I miss my brothers and sisters and I cant wait for that day I come
home and too wrap my arms tightly around knowing Ill never have to leave you
or the family again. Thank you mom for all you do.Dad thank you for being my
dad and im thankful for all u do around the house and work and especially
taking care of my mom and ourfamily. Im thankful for how you magnify your
priesthood ! your a great dad and I love you. CODA CADE SAVANNAH SHADERS I
miss you sooooooo much i wish you were all here with me :)!!! I love I miss
you do good in school and study your scriptures. I promise to work my
hardest too bring blessings too our family :) MY ELCTRIC BLANKET WORKS GREAT
I LOVE IT :) (its the best thing Santa has ever given me haha)

So my mission president is really cool Im so happy to serve with him while
I can. its not really that cold here surprisingly :) its really nice and its
supposed to rain here these next 2 days!! So my companions name is Elder
Partridge from Logan, Utah. Well my first area is Logan, West Virginia!!! We
stay in a little town near it called Champmanville we stay in a apartment
just us erve in area called Big Ugly! :) This is where all the Vannatter
family stays the have there own street!! I have seen 2 of brother vannatters
brothers and his sister feeds us EVERY SUNDAY she is so nice. there is not
that many people in our branch so its kind of different from a ward but
everyone in it is so nice!!! yesterday during sacrament they made me stand
and bear my testimony i was really nervous. I have been learning so much and
I LOVE personal study it is really drawing me closer to my savior and my
heavenly father and im so great ful anytime Im having a hard time I know I
can get down and pray to my heavenly father any time I want and it gives me
so much comfort. something cool I have learned thru personal study this week
is something that Gordon B. Hinckley said

Do you want to be happy?
Forget yourself and get lost in this great cause . lend your efforts to
helping peple. . . Stand higher. lift those with feeble knees lift up the
arms of those that hang down. Live The Gospel Of Jesus Christ.

This quote just sticks out to me a bunch. and how I just need to loose my
self be happy and my family will be ok.especially my mom.

so the streets are so narrow here its so different from arizona haha its
pretty much a foreing country here :) Everyone has their acents haha papa
does it pretty good. it sounds like they talk with marbles in their mouth ha
ha. Its so amzing also how much the members sacrafice going to the temple as
much as they can its amzing. Our family is so blessed for everything! We
should all be thankful for our houses and everything we have. we are so
blessed to have nice cars and a temple nearby. And we are so blessed to have
famlies that are all active in the church. Its sad to go to a members home
here and too find part member famlies but I know thats why missionaries are
called to help build and strengthen these families Im so thankful for the
people I have taught so far. Just the other day we came to our last house on
the street the guy invited us in and said "as soon as I saw you two i knew
this exactly what I needed we were a maricle to him" its amazing what kind
of example we as missionaries represent. There are soooo many baptist and
the area I am in is known as the bible belt. Its so hard when people shew us
off their porch but we keep our chin up and keep tracting. speaking of
tracting there is dogs every where! its crazy and most of them are mean and
will eat ya its kind of scary. but most of the peple here are really nice
and kind. we loanded out 9 book of mormons since I got here and we are doing
well in keeping members active in missionary work :) so family and friends
keep working we cant do it ouselves!! We have so many investagators and
partial investagators we have alot of work to do in this area hopefully
someday it will be a ward and a stake again here in west virginia . I KNOW
THE CHURCH WILL BUILD HERE!!we have 2 baptisimal dates set for April:) we
have so many investagators!! and we gainded 3 new investagators since I have
been here. I am going to ware myseld out doing the lords work because my
savior did that just for meI should be able to give it all to him these next
two years. I will feed his sheep. oooo we have a cool truck as well :) a
chevy truck.
dallas !!COngrats on your eagle scout that is amazing BUD!!! did Dallin get
his call? Family I love you so much I miss you all Im so happy to be here
these next two years and I cant wait to come back and share all my
experiences with you. Write me!!! Be safe!!
my adress:
2901 S. Main Street Apt. 7-A
Chapmanville, WV 25508

MOM AND family I love you so much be safe and I will email you every monday
:) I love you!!!! IM so happy to be the first pioneer and a example to coda,
savannah cade, shaders. do good in school i love you mind mom and dad!!
I LOVE 1 nephi 10:19


Elder Bentley

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