Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MOM I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!!! Thank you so much forwriting me everysingle day so a couple of things before i get started. . . my watch broke:( we were helping new missionaries come into the mtc and while I was walking the pin or something came out i didnt notice so it broke. and the black buttons on the side of it are all falling off so for now I just carry it in my back pack till you tell me what you want me to do. . . im sorry mom. . . and what do you want me to with this tub a ware thing ?? because I cant take it on the plane and if you want me to mail it back i can. Tell Grandma and the family I said thanks for the Valentines gift I LOVED it and it was the best day ever.and just be patient for me to write letters ok.

WELLL I got one 5 days left! I went to the Temple today and it was amazing. . I fasted for my last time and I really felt a difference. Im so excited for WEST VIRGINIA!!! so I found out the other day im going to be the travel leader for flying to west virginia! I cant wait to call you mom. So I am getting better :) we just had an Elder in our district sprane his ankel . . luckly he doesnt have to go home. The other day Brother Lauritzen in the Branch presidency came up to me and said ELDER BENTLEY your going to be such an amazing Elder it made me feel sosososo good. IM starting to meet with this Sister old missionary. I FORGOT HER NAME !! she is so sweet she is helping me so much learn how to mark my scriptures she helps me with the lessons one on one. she is so nice! GRANDMA I HOPE YOU SERVE A MISSION. so tuesday we had such an amzing devotional like always we had a guy from the seventy come and he taught us about how we need to be true deciples of JESUS CHRIST. IM starting to realize the true meaning of obedience. It was such an amazing talk! BASIcally im just reading and studying the scriptures alot I have been reading out of John in the Bible alot and IM excited to get to know more about the savior and draw closer to him. IM so happy to be on a mission! we had two lessons to give this past week we had to teach a girl named becca and It was so amzing to feel of the spirt and she was so excited for us to come back we taught this guy James on Tuesday and commited to living by the baptimal covenants wich made us so happy! WE Teach Becca Tomorrow. When we got done she told our teacher this:
Bentley/ Humlity: The spirit was so strong and she could really feel the humilty of the savior throughout the lesson.
I can not wait to see what my mission brings and Im going to let every lesson be like that.

I hope everyone is doing ok. Brother Howell Thank you so much for the ties everyone says they look good and tell the priest quorum I said Hi and Ill be writing you very soon. :) EMMA and RIGDON HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! so mom im loosing wieght :) which is good. :) I cant wait to call you on TUESDAY !!!!!!! I hope you answer I leave for the airport at 4 in the morning :) and we have to stop by detroit then to West Virginia. Im getting excited:)

Well I love you family and friends. Thank you so much for all the support you gave me to get me where I am today. BIshop and amber: THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGE!!! I love you. Grandma I LOVE YOU!!!!everyone be safe and I cant wait to type my next email from WEST VIRGNIA!! I LOVE YOU EVERYONE!!!


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