Thursday, February 10, 2011

Email 02/10/2011

Hello everyone! today has been fabulous!!!! i just got done going to the Provo Temple it was such an amzing spiritual experience. The food is fantastic;) My companion is Elder Smith from Mesa, Arizona and went to mt. view and loves volleyball.. Im making so many friends within the district. Lately I have been sick since about Saturday. Well I sat down with the branch pres. last thursaday and he gave me an assigned scripture to read throughout my mission when im missin my family i cried in front of him and then I had to say my testimony again in front of his councelers and cried. . Everday has been my most favorite day so far I was sitting in fast and testimony meeting and the @nd counceler of the Branch presidency kept looking at me to bear my testimony so i ignored it and kept listening to the testimony it came down to the second to last one and he rasied his eyebrows and pointed to the pulpit so i got up and bore my testimony( and cried ) he then came up to me after the meeting and said. . . "dont let a day go by where we cant here your sweet testimony" him and his wife said that. We are accomplishing alot of goals here we had our first discusiion with an investagator yesterday and he agreed to let us come back next tuesday. Every single day i feel of the spirit. Im senior companion :)!!! and Elder Smith is our district leader. I depart from the MTC like feb. 22 and mom I will be able to call you. There is this other guy in our district named Elder Richards and we go to choir every Tusday and Sunday.
This was my favorite part of the Hymn:
Jesus is my shepherd, he knows my name.
for his sheep are numbered,each he loves the same.
If my tiny feet should roam, he would seek to bring me home.
Jesus is my shepher, he loves me, he lovesme.

This song has brought me so much comfort these past couple days even though its only part of it.Shaders I hope YOU feel better. Emma I love you ! Happy Bithday I will be sending you something:). Mom to answer all your questions. yes, I am geeting your emails. I can only email on thursdays.Thank you everyone who has pushed me to serve a mission. Iam so happy to be serving the lord and wharing a nametag that had ELDER BENTLEY on it . I am excited to bring people back unto Christ. Coda cade and sav. do good in school, BASKETBALL and X-Box?? haha . DAD I love you and im so thankful you are arightous priestholder. MOM I love you sososososososososososososososososo much. Thank you everone for all the letters. I love you all. please be safe you are in my prayers and I cant wait till next thursdays to tell you my experience. I LOVE YOU.

p.s continue to write me.


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