Thursday, February 10, 2011

Letter Sent 02/02/2011

Dear Mom & Fam

I hope you know how much I love you. After I walked away, my heart sunk. I went and waited with the other 6 missionaries to board the plane. I sat in 23C and I was the only one in the row! I first read all the letters! I cried the whole plane ride and then got off the plane and got my luggage. Found Stephanie 5 minutes later. We went to Temple Square and the Conference Center, it was amazing. We went out to lunch at Crown Burger! Then drove to the MTC! Got here said goodbye went and got my nametag and my lunch card. Went to the classroom and met my companion Elder Smith who is from Mesa and going to Richmond Virginia. We stay in a room with two other elders. I hung my pictures and got situated. I didn’t unpack everything. I will not be able to email while I am here. We went to our first conference with MTC Presidency. It was amazing they gave so much to learn. It so cool seeing missionaries from everywhere. Then we went to dinner and I saw Corry he sat right next to me. Then we went to this teaching thing or roll play where they have people come in and act like investigators, and we as missionaries all have to teach them. It was awesome! Then I met our zone leader. And now I am writing you. I wish I could describe how amazing it is. Its cold but the Gospel is so strong! I’m so excited for tomorrow and everyday that follows. I can only write every P-day if not ill try to more. I miss you so much fam! Coda, Sav, Cade, be good! I love you guys! Ill write a lot more when I have time. But I know the Lord is on my side and the Holy Ghost is with me! Thank you for everything! I love all you! Be Safe your in my prayers. I know I am supposed to be here.

Elder Bentley

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