Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January 9, 2012

Howdy ya all!!! Well this week has had its up's and down's kinda like an elevator. Its been pretty interesting. I have grown so much spiritually and im excited to tell you all about it. I hope you all had a great week:) . Thats what matters most to me as long as blessings are goin your way im happy as can be.

So like I said this week has been a pretty crazy week mentally, physically, and spiritually!?!?! Well this week we had to get new student wards. That was really a bummer. . im going to miss the student wards we were in. It was so different going to 8 hours of church. We seriously spent all day at the church. haha :) CRAZY!!! But i like it, it keeps us busy :). So we had to give all of our investigators in the student wards to other elders and they basically left us with nothin besides one investigator. So thats a bit rough that we have to hand basically all of our investigators over to them. But its alright. So my birthday was pretty great. It was really great I am thankful for all the emails I got today and all the birthday wishes , thank you all so much :). I am glad I got to celebrate my birthday on my mission, it was awesome. Although we got dropped by one of our top investigators in the buena vista ward. :( that didnt make birthday any happier. but its alright there is always hope :). So as you can see that was just the beggining of our week. So it started off a bit rough. Then one of our investigators moved to richmond this week so that just put the icing on the cake. This week we have done alot of tracting probably the most since i got here. There was this one house I knocked on where these dogs were barkin and the lady said just keep walkin up the street those dogs will bite, safe to say the dogs were small chichwawas and we didnt make it up to the door haha. haha. dogs ruin everything around here. but we found a couple of potentials so thats been fun.

So this week has a spiritual booster. We had an awesome day yesterday we had companion study yesterday with elder ridges ( this is a senior couple- he wrote the books called " book of mormon made easier and etc. ) he helped us answer a question that an investigator asked so that was pretty cool :) . Senior couples are so cool. I hope I can be one of them when I am older :) . Then I had a cool fast yesterday. I fasted yesterday to know how I can constantly have the spirit with me. Last night i went to the "CES" devotional and listened to Jay E. Jensen. the one that was here a couple of weeks ago. He talked last night about the spirit and one thing that stuck out to me in his talk was about bein worthy of that spirit always, which may mean repenting or stayin strong through hard times. I just gotta always remember to stay worthy of that spirit. I loved recieving an answer to my fast and I am greatful to know heavenly father hears and answers our prayers. So this week i heard a pretty neat story. This kid in our ward wanted to attend UVU for next semester, his parents made all the preparations for him to attend. packed his bags and before he left his dad said "dont forget the can of air your going to need it just in case. But he forgot and left. He was driving got into wyoming and there was a snow storm. when all of a sudden his tire blew , he managed to be able to pull his car to the side of the road to an off ramp and he called his family and his family said get onto the on ramp you might have better luck. the whole time he was on the phone with them. This boy was standing in the cold patiently waiting for someone to help him on new years eve. while his family was on the phone they gathered all the family together and said a family prayer askin for someone to help their son,2 minutes later their prayer was answered. A lady came by the went put air in the tire and the lady ended up inviting them to a karaoke bar. Ha I just thought that story was pretty cool how a family turned to heavenly father when there son was in need. What an amazing story. I hope we will always remember to turn to our heavenly father in our time of need . . .

So this week like i said ha had its up and downs. we are excited that brenton is gettin baptized this week. :) !!!! I hope this week will be so much better. I am greatful to be out here serving. I pray that i will always be worthy of that spirit. I am thankful for our loving heavenly father who blesses my family with so many blessings. I love you all so much. I hope you all have such a great week . Thank you for everything. HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!

love elder Bentley:
moroni 8:3

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