Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January 2, 2012

Hello everyone!!!! I hope your new years was great. im glad i didnt get left behind in 2011:) haha. But wow!!! This week has been crazy busy!!! The weather here has been like an arizona winter so it is really nice makes me feel like i am right back home. I cant wait to tell you all about my week it has been pretty exciting!!!!!!
So tomorrow is my 20th birthday, so I am pretty excited to out of my teenage years and now i can consider myself an adult!!!! I am greatful for my mom and all my family that has helped get so far in my life. I am greatful that my family has been there for me every step of the way in my life and has always been there. i greatful that I can trust them and for how much they help me as a missionary. I love you and thank you for your support and your love. I am greatful for my wonderful friends that I know I can trust i am greatful for them and all that the have done to help me.
So today I have out 11 months!!! Time has seriously flown by. I cant believe I almost have a year left I remember when i left the airport it almost seems like the other day. I hope and pray that this new year I wont waste one single minute of my mission. I hope I can be a powerful servant of my heavenly father and my elder brother Jesus Christ and be the best representatives as i can be. i love my mission and i hope that this year will be the greatest as I serve my master in this great work.
This week has been so so so busy. I did my first baptismal interview this week, I had the great opportunity to interview someone that elder partridge was teaching. I never thought in the world that I would interview someone that my trainer was teaching so that was pretty cool. I interviewed this guy named franki peters and you prolly wont believe this but the missionaries meet this guy 2 weeks ago. and he just got baptized on december 31. It was a great great interview . The spirit was so strong and I enjoyed bein able to conduct the interview and to see if someone was worthy for baptism, his testimony was amazing the friday before his baptism we were all doing service with him all the missionaries for a non member. Franki got asked if he would like a ciggarate and he answered and said "no, my body is a temple." it was so great to hear that . What a cool story it was to watch this brother get baptized. I also had another opportunity this week to conduct another baptisimal interview for this guy named larry gilbery, he called the missionaries the other day and he told them about his interview. He said the one thing that the stuck out to me during the interview was that the missionary said" I need to read the book of mormon everyday wether its a line or a couple verses or pages he said that I should read everyday". Its was so great to be able to hear that from someone I interviewed. Things are going really really great for us. I am greatful for these awesome experience I am having and bein a witness of. Then Brenton the guy from australlia that we have been teaching had his interview this week:)!!!!! and he passed and is gettin baptized on January 14 so that is pretty exciting. whats sad is that we have to change student wards so it wont count for our numbers!!!!! crazy!!! wish wards didnt have to change but we are going to continue teaching the students that we have and hopefully they get baptized. :) !!
So our family ward has been doin really well!!! we had a pretty cool experience this week with someone that we were teaching on new years eve we went over and visited this family . We were tryin to visit this lady named tanya chamber who we were tryin to visit. We got there and the husband answered and told us to come back in an hour and we had a member with us so we did we come back in an hour and their 15 year old daughter answered and said my mom and family is busy but we somehow got through her and her aunt comes out tanya's sister. We both were thinkin oh noshe is going to tell us to leave and etc. but it acctually went totally oppisite. Her sister talked about how she is lookin for something right and asked alot of questions and ended up giving her a book of mormon and this other guy a book of mormon the probleme is they all live in Richmond. (im pretty sure the richmond misson loves us because they get so many referrals from us its crazy!!! So we asked the sister if we could see tanya she invited us inside we talked to tanya answered all her questions and the member who was a sister did a fantastic job at answerin questions. We invited tanya to read from the book of mormon since she is going through a difficult time right now with her 6 month year old in the hospital. She agreed to read and we are hoping to get there whole family interested. We have another lady that we are teaching who is moving to richmond tomorrow and has a baptismal date for january 28 we were so bummbed but its alright . hopefully we will be blessed soon enough:).
Well this week i taught my first district meeting that was pretty fun . Ihope i did good i was super nervous but its alright. Later this month we going to be hearing from elder pieper from the 70 and I am prettty excited for that. president pittt has challenged to read from the book of mormon I am halfway through again. this time im highlighting every time it brings up the gospel or the holy ghost so repentance, baptism. I highlight it. Its pretty cool to see how often it brings the gospel up in the book of mormon i love it.
Well I am so indeed greatful for this new years I hope I can give a 110% to my heavenly father this year and this great work. I love my mission its the best I wouldnt trade it for the world. Well I hope you all have a great new years and I love you all so much. thankyou so much. PRESS FORWARD SAINTS WITH STEADFAST FAITH IN CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- elder bentley
moroni 8:3

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