Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January 16, 2012

Whata week. Today I got to emails late we just got done playing basketball over here at SVU we played on the college court with some members it was pretty fun to be playing again!!! So I hope everyone has had such a great week. this week "BV" was rockin, we worked so hard this week and it flowed so well!!!!
Well first i guess I will start with the happy news, we gotta baptism this week. Brenton Esdorf got baptized he is from Australia ( has a pretty cool accent). It was so awesome to see someone I taught get baptized. He was supper nervous for his baptism but I am so glad he did it. Ill send some pictures home next week so you all can see. I am so greatful for these tender mercies in my life that I am able to be a part of. It was amazing to watch someone completely change their life to follow their savior. a couple months ago I never thought brenton would commit to a date but he did. It was pretty amazing. I wish you all could be here to watch these changes its pretty amazing. So the spirit was so strong during the baptism, our old student ward mission leader conducted the baptismal service( he recently just had his mom pass away) It was amazing to me to see him conduct this baptism, to see someone fufill their calling after going through a hard time was pretty cool to see. So the baptism was fantastic and I am greatful I got to witness it.
So yesterday we had an awesome day at church me and Elder davis were sitting on the back row reading scriptures during sacrament meeting in our student ward. When all of a sudden right after the sacrament a member of the bishopric shows up with one of his friends and ask if he could sit next to us we said sure that would be great. He sat next to us we barely talked for the rest of the meeting, right after sacrament we asked how he liked it, He said it was a bit nervous, what made us happy though is that the ward instantly ran up to him and fellow-shipped him. It was awesome. So we have seen this guy a couple times because he works at buger king. but anyways back at the ranch. . he proceeded to go to sunday school, and members sat by him we had to go to another church meeting. But we saw him right after church this was my favorite part. he walked up to us with a member, with a book of mormon in one hand and a institute flier in another and said that he was going to sign up for classes. That made me happy. . . then he asked us who is Joseph Smith? We were like we can answer that for ya :) . He said he enjoyed church , and he would concider bein baptized and we are meeting with him this week.
This week I had the chance to go on exchanges with another missionary. . . I gotta tell ya sometimes its hard. If there is one thing I dont wanna end up like its always talking about home . . I just wanna serve faithfullly till the end and not worry about home near the end of my mission. It was an alright exchange. The cool part was we invited someone to be baptized on the porch, its pretty fun to extend one :).
Transfers are next week so everyone no more mail for a while. . . I will let you know next week what is going on. I honestly dont know wether Ill leave or not.
i wouldnt mind staying on the other hand I wouldnt mind having a car. ha but we will see.
We get to see Elder Piper from the 70 this weekend I am pretty excited for that president pitt is basically having us read the whole book of mormon its pretty fun I hope I can finish it by this weekend.
I had an interview with president pitt this week. I am so greatful to have him as my mission president he is awesome. I really hope I can be one of those missionaries he can trust. There is one thing that stuck out to me when he was talking to me he said we as missionaries need to repent or do whatever it takes to be a better missionary. In my patriarchal blessing it says that " i need to follow the principles of the gospel." If there is one principle I knew more about it , it would be repentance I wish I had a deeper knowledge of the atonement . I pray that all missionaries would experience that simple principle of the gospel. I know that is how we can come to know our savior better and become a better friend with him as we exercise the gospel in our life. I love my savior and I am greatful for repentance. I know it works.
I am so greatful to be serving , I pray that you all will have a blessed week. I love you all so much. Let Us All Press On In The Work Of The Lord!!!!!!

- elder Bentley
moroni 8:3

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