Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May 23, 2011

Well I hope everyone had a fantastic week and is not getting as much rain as
we are. :) Like the trees couldnt be any greener!!! haha!!!
So this week Elder Partridge got transfered that was a hard good bye. Ill
miss him and his sleep walking :) . But my new companion is Elder Whitehead
he is from Las, Vegas, Nevada and has been out 8 months and Im really
excited to serve with him and show him what Logan West Virginia is all
about!!!! So Lately I dont know what it is but I have been getting barked at
by dogs and Ill jump like 10 feet in the air and my companion will be behind
me laughing. I Promise I am having the worst luck with them lately. ha ha.
So recently we have been teaching this Lady named Anita and It been so much
fun to go see her. She said after me and Elder partridge left a week ago she
praqyed to lord what she was supposed to learn from the missionaries and she
said the Lord told her Faith, Repentace, Baptisim, recieveing the gift of
the Holy Gohst and Edure to the end. and thats exactly what we planned to
teach her i thought that was pretty cool. And the week before that she
prayed to know about the book of mormon and which part was true and she said
the LOrd told her from Alpha to Omega (beggining to end) now she is reading
the book of mormon everyday she knows without a doubt its true and its the
word of god. So I am looking forward to see how she will do. We got a
baptisimal date coming up June 4 and 5 for Crystals ( she just got baptized
;) son Which we are super excited for. Austin she be getting baptized here
shortly. And we are finding alot of succes just by randomly talking to
people and "opening our mouths". We went to Walmart about a week ago I told
the cashier about what we do as missionaries as she finished ringing up our
groceries she hurried wrote her name and number down on a reciept and says
she is really interested. So Simply just by telling people about the gospel.
We can Bring our Brother and sister back and help them feel of the joy this
gospel can bring!!!
This week I finished the book of Mormon for the first time as a
missionary. And I really enjoyed it I am excited to start again tomorrow
and do the commitment my mission president gave me and highlight everytime
it brings up Jesus Christ. . I have astrong testimony of the book of
Mormon!!! I know its true !!! I have found great joy and happiness by
teaching this gospel everyday. Recently I have been studying some general
conference talks from the ensign from May 2007 and I have really enjoyed
studying and learning from it. I have decided I am going to read one general
conference talk a day this whole transfer. I would like to leave off this
email with a nice scripture I read this week:

Psalms 37:5
" Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring in to

I Love this scripture its just so simple If we just commit ourselves unto
the Lord and put are fulness trust in him in all we do in our prayers and in
our callings and in everyday lives, he will bring it to pass. This scripture
has stuck out to me alot as a missionary. If I just commit myself unto the
LOrd everyday and do his work then blessings will come to pass. May we all
do better at commiting our selves unto the lord everday and I promise he
will bring those simple things to pass. I have found great joy and happiness
by simply doing this. By being the best representative of Jesus Christ I can
be. I want you all to know. I trust in my heavenly father with all my heart.
I trust in his plan of happiness which was made specifically for us so we
could return to live with him. I trust that our families can be together for
eternities. I trust in this gospel. I love you all so much. Thank you so
much for supporting me on a mission. I hope everyone has a great last two
weeks of school. I love my family so much !!!! have a great week be safe :)
Oh and CAde happy Birthday!!! Ihope you have great day tomorrw and I love
and miss you so much thank you for being such a great brother!!!


Elder Bentley (Moroni 8:3)

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