Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 17, 2011

Good morning everyone!!!!! I hope everyone is doing good and had a great
week. This week has been full of wonderful experiences and I have learned so
much this week.

Well I am STAYING in Logan and my new companion will be Elder Whitehead
tomorrow morning. Elder Partridge is getting transfered to the very bottom
of the mission in Gaylax, Virginia where all Elders are getting transferd
out of and Elder Partridge is going to become the district leader. Im
excited to get a new companion but also its really hard because Elder
partridge has taught me so much he has helped learn so much about the gospel
and has increased my testimony so much. He is a great missionary and I
really do look up to him as an example of the type of missionary I want to
become. On Sunday we had stake conference and our stake president got
released we had to area 70s there and got a brodacast from Salt Lake and
heard from Henery B. Eyring, M. Russel Ballard and 2 more people but I
really enjoyed Elder Eyrings talk. He spoke alot about missionary work and
how we need to have Wise Optimism about whats to come. This week we have
tracted quite a bit and found 1 new investigator :) She told us when we were
teaching her a lesson " you boys really know how to make people cry. Thought
that was pretty funny because it was a really great lesson and the spirit
was so strong. Im so excited to go back and teach her. Our baptisimal dates
our coming along GREAT!!!! The other day we had a pretty funny experience.
We were walking on a busy road and this guy is pulling out of a gas station
and said who you boys with. We told him offered him a card and he said no
thanks then we continued walking he got stOpped at a red light and rolls
down his window again and ask where you boys from we told him the light
turned green he pulls off the road after he passed through the light got out
of his van walks around the back me and Elder partridge thought it was kinda
wierd but he opens up his back doors and hands elder partridge a cantalope
and I got a bag of apples and gave us his card. It was preety funny
experience. But I thought it was cool how much people recognize us as
missionarys. We have been staying really busy.
Lately I have been reading in Ether. I am really growing to love and gain a
better understanding of the book of mormon since I have been on my mission.
My mission president recently gave me a book of mormon and gave us a
challenge with it to highlight every time it brings up Jesus Christ and
pronouns, Im going to start on it next transfer Im so excited to do it!!!!!
I think Im going to beat my goal on reading the Book of Mormon within the
first 6 months of my mission. I have also enjoyed studying from Preach my
gospel about Christlike attributes. This week I have studied alot about
charity and virtue and faith and hope. I can really feel a diffenece when I
strive to be like my savior.

This week I would like to focus my thoughts on Alma chapter 26 : 32 and this
is where the Lamanites are told to bury their wapons of war.
32 For behold, they had rather sacrifice their lives than even to take the
life of their enemy; and they have buried their weapons of war deep in the
earth, because of their love towards their brethren.
Since I have been out on my mission I have learned alot about obedience and
just by simply obeying brings so many blessings. I have made my self a
challenge as did the Lamenites to bury my weapons of war, to bury those
simple things I do wrong and never bring them up again. And I know if we
find something thats holding us back from being a 100% obedient I promise
the Lord will help us. It may be giving up something to have scripture
studies everyday, whatever it is I promise if we just bury our lives will be
blessed and blessing will flow.
I am so deeply greatful to be a missionary of this church. I love my Savior
Jesus Christ and I know he lives, and continues to bless our lives. I know
that Joseph saw God the father and Jesus Christ that day in the grove of
trees and restored this church so we could have the blessings of the gospel
in our lives today. I know that with all my heart that the book of mormon is
true, I believe every word in it, I have fasted and prayed many times to
know if it was true and Heavenly father has always answered. Once it
happened as soon as I began my personal study. I searched and found my
answer. ITS TRUE!!!! I know that my family can be together forever. I know
that our heavenly father made his plan possible for us to return to live
with him again. I know that Thomas S. Monson i a true and living prophet
today. I love this gospel. I love being a missionary. I love seeing the joy
of other as they accept this gospel into their lives. It makes me happy. I
Know that the spirit is true and as we continue to listen and obey we will
be guided on the right path back to our heavenly father. I love my family so
much. I miss them. I know that this is lords work and it is going to keep
moving forward. I love you all so much this is my simple testimony in the
name our savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

Happy Birthday Anthony and Chase and Uncle Dave. I hope you all have a
fantastic day. I love you!!!!

I hope everyone has a great week. be safe. I miss ya all so much!!!!!


Elder Bentley

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