Monday, November 5, 2012

November 5th, 2012

WHAT UP FAM!! I hope you all have had such a great week!! We are doing great here in Vinton, the STORM didnt do any damage to us we are safe and sound here, so no worries!!
ALright so I will start off with something funny. This week I had the opportunity to play basketball, I was on an exchange with another missionary, and I was the only white guy playing basket ball, the missionary I was with iis not white haha, my companion walked in he was like "where is elder bentley and he was like ohh!!" It was funny. :)
Well This week we have worked really hard!! We are always so close to reaching the mission standard of excellence!!  We are just trying to find someone solid who is ready for this gospel, we are finding alot of people, but we cant really retain anyone so its been kinda hard lately, but we were able to find a SOlid new investigator who we meet a couple weeks ago we are hopimg to set her on date soon she is excited to learn!! we know Gods elect are out there and I really hope we can find a family soon!!!!! WE had a great halloween, we went around with one of our members to a bunch of TRUNK or TREATat these churches it was pretty fun!! It was a great halloween!!
Well I have grown to love the spirit so much more on my mission. Lately its been just on my mind how can anyone not be apart of this church or go in-active. IF I could I would shake them haha, There is a quote that my Grandma told me in a letter at the beggining of my mission.
" Be different from the world, in order to make a difference in the world." - Elder Neal A Maxwell
We got to be different, sometimes I feel like we only have our eyes in the world and sometimes we forget the eternal asspect of things, We got think where do we see our families at that last day when Christ comes again? Will he welcome us home, Will we have done all that he has commanded us to do? I hope that whatever questions he may ask we may answer with A FIRM YES, I hope that we will remember that its more that just living in this world , we can inherit eternal life, our lord is preparing mannsions for each of us!! I hope that we dont live in this world but that we continue to have our focus on eternal life!!!
I know that Thanksgiving is approaching fast and I thought of this thought, We all know the parable of the good samaritan, We know that 2 men passed by this guy who was lying on the ground , and didnt bother to stop or help, But we know that a Samaritan was able to stop for a minute and help this man who laid almost dead and took him to a place where he could clean him up and take good care of him. I am pretty sure that man was thankful for that samritan and I bet he didnt even know who helped him. I know we have a great privledge to reach out to those in need, I know that my father in heaven has been my good samaritan, he has been there to help me and care for me and provide many wonderful blessings just for. I love him I thank him and express gratitude for him for everyhing and knowing that I can live with him again. And I am so greatful to be able to live with him forever!!
Well I hope you al have had such a great week I pray that each of you are doing so well, I love you and may we all have a great thanksgiving. Transfers are next week, so ill email you all next tuesday i am hoping i can train 1 more time. I love you all have a great week. JUST KEEP SWIMMING!!

                                                                      -elder bentley
                                                                   moroni 8:3

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